Day For Oxy Email Resources

Customize these templates to help with your Advocate Outreach

To support your Day For Oxy outreach to your friends and personal network, we’ve provided template email messages. Just copy and paste the below text and add some personal flair to make the messages your own.

Before Day For Oxy:

Subject: Join me on April 20 for a Day For Oxy!


We’re counting down the days to the Day For Oxy on April 20, Oxy’s Founders Day. On that day, the Oxy community across the globe will join together to support today’s students, faculty and staff as they conclude this challenging year and look forward to a return to campus.

I'm advocating for Oxy to help the College reach its goal of raising 2,021 gifts in 36 hours. Together, we can make 2021 the year that the Oxy community perseveres through an urgent time in the College’s history.

I hope you'll join me and make a gift on April 20. Gifts of all sizes, to any area of the College that’s meaningful to you, will make a true difference and help us reach our goal.

Let’s show our Tiger pride on April 20 during the #DayForOxy. Visit to learn more!

Thank you for your support of this important effort,
[Your Name]

P.S. Help spread the word and celebrate Oxy on social media using #DayForOxy. Every post makes a difference and contributes to the day’s success!

During the Day For Oxy:

Subject: Today’s the Day For Oxy, will you help me reach my goal?


Today’s the day!

It’s Oxy’s Founders Day and the 2nd annual Day For Oxy – a time for the Oxy community to join together to support today’s students, faculty and staff. Over the next 36 hours, our goal is to raise 2,021 gifts, making 2021 the year that we came together to support the College through one of the most challenging times in its 134-year history.

[Insert personal anecdote about why Oxy is important to you.] That’s why I’m proud to advocate for the College I love on this Day For Oxy.

[If you are advocating for the general Day For Oxy] I’m asking for your help in reaching my personal fundraising goal of [$X]. Every gift makes a true difference and will support the College’s immediate needs, including student and faculty technology resources, additional health and safety supplies, and increased financial aid for families. If you’re able, please consider a gift in whatever amount is meaningful and doable for you.

[If you are advocating for a specific area of support] On this Day For Oxy, my goal is to raise $[Insert Your Goal] in support of [Insert Your Preferred Area of Support]. [Share why you're advocating for this Area of Support]. I hope you will consider a gift to [Area of Support], which you can direct at checkout through the Donate button on my Advocate page. Every gift counts!

You can make your gift using this link and it will count towards my personal goal: [Insert your personal Advocate page link]. Please call, text or reply to this email if I can answer any questions.

If you have already given on this Day For Oxy, thank you so much for your support! Please help spread the word about this important effort on social media using #DayForOxy. Together we can make a difference.

With gratitude,
[Your Name]

Subject: It’s not too late to join the Day For Oxy!


With [Number of Hours] left in the Day For Oxy, I am helping the College reach it’s 2,021 gift goal.

I'm so grateful for the incredible support of my community throughout this day. But, the giving isn’t over! If you haven’t yet given on this Day For Oxy, please consider a gift to my Advocate page. You can make your gift using this link and it will count towards my personal goal: [Insert your personal Advocate page link].

You can also show your support by spreading the word on social media using #DayForOxy.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of current Oxy students, faculty and staff!

[Your Name]

After Day For Oxy:

Subject: Thank you for supporting the Day For Oxy!


Thank you so much for your support of the 2nd annual Day For Oxy. Because of you, I was able to raise $[Amount Raised] for Occidental College's students, faculty and staff. Together, we made a difference and helped Oxy reach [Total Number of Gifts], an incredible success!

Thanks to your support, Oxy can continue to provide the transformative liberal arts experience to talented students for generations to come.

With gratitude,
[Your Name]